Caspian Restaurant

In March of 1993, two brothers Shahriar and Shahram Gilandoost introduced a new cuisine to the Seattle area. Their goal: to share the richness and flavor of the Persian culture, an ancient civilization with unparalleled architecture, poetry and art, with the people of Washington. Caspian combines the cooking traditions from Persia and the old spice routes travelling to Europe from the Far East, with recipes from modern day Iran and the Middle East.

In April 2011, after 18 years as Seattle’s premier Persian restaurant, Caspian has brought its authentic cuisine to Bellevue, Washington on the eastside.

As always, we strive to serve great food and friendly service with a Middle Eastern flair. We are committed to your satisfaction and hope you enjoy the flavors of Iran as much as we do.

Persian Food

At Caspian, we take pride in serving fresh, healthy food with no preservatives. We combine basmati rice with the finest cuts of meat, fresh vegetables, dried fruits and nuts and green herbs, and then season everything with exotic spices (like saffron, turmeric, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon) reminiscent of the old trade routes that passed through the Persian Empire.

Although everyone has their own particular favorite at Caspian, some of the most popular include: Kabab (skewered beef, lamb, chicken or ground beef served with rice), Gormeh Sabzi (a delicious stew of beef mixed with greens, spices and beans and served with rice) and Fesenjan (chicken in a delicate sauce of walnuts and pomegranates served with rice). Also, be sure to try one of our mouth-watering appetizers such as roasted eggplant dip, yogurt seasoned with herbs or hummus.